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Invoking an AWS Lambda function during CDK deployment

In general, AWS Lambda functions are triggered by some sort event. Most common use cases are an event from EventBridge, SQS, or an event created by a call to API Gateway in case you have a REST/HTTP API based on an AWS Lambda function. However, the other day I was looking for an option to execute my Lambda function immediately after it was created and/or updated while deploying my Infrastructure as Code with AWS CDK. I wanted it to work without manually executing a CLI command or calling an HTTP endpoint. It needed to be based on the CDK / CloudFormation deployment. A couple of use cases we had was triggering an import process or running a liquibase/ flyway script to populate a database.

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AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency AutoScaling configuration with AWS CDK

A couple of weeks ago I was working on some AWS CDK based code and I was trying to figure out how to configure auto-scaling for the provisioned concurrency configuration of an AWS Lambda function. We wanted to run some performance tests on our service and were wondering how scaling provisioned concurrency would impact our overall latency. We tried with the default configuration but also wanted to experiment with a bit more aggressive scaling policy so we had to provide our own metric configuration. In this post, I will explain what provisioned concurrency is and how to set up an auto-scaling configuration for it using AWS CDK. We’ll be looking at using predefined metric configurations, but also how to do it with a custom metric.

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Creating a simple API stub with API Gateway and S3

A while ago my team was looking to create a stub for an internal JSON HTTP based API. The to-be stubbed service was quite simple. The service exposed a REST API endpoint for listing resources of a specific type. The API supported paging and some specific request/query parameters.

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Deploying Spring Boot applications to AWS App Runner with AWS CodePipeline

In a previous post, we looked at AWS App Runner. AWS App Runner is a container service that lets you focus on your application and allows you to deploy your application in minutes without setting up any infrastructure.

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A first impression of AWS App Runner

About three months ago AWS released a new service named AWS App Runner. After reading the introduction blog post, I got pretty excited to check it out. AWS App Runner is a new service that provides organizations with a fast, simple, and secure way to deploy containerized applications on the AWS platform without managing any infrastructure. AWS already offers a wide range of container based services like AWS Fargate, ECS, Elastic BeanStalk, and AWS EKS, so why did they come up with App Runner?

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