Conferences coming up

Posted by Jeroen Reijn on August 16, 2007 - 1 min. read

The vacation period is almost over and the conference season is starting up again. First up is the Cocoon GetTogether 2007. Gianugo recently announced the Cocoon GT 2007 which will be held in Rome this year. The dates are now final, so mark the 3th,4th and 5th of October into your schedule. This year there will be two days of Hackathon and one sessions day. Jasha and I are thinking of doing a session at the GT this year. We’re not 100% sure what it’s going to be about, but perhaps a session on Cocoon 2.2 from a beginners perspective. It all depends on how much time we can spend on digging a bit deeper into 2.2.

A week later at the 11th of October there will be a dutch conference called J-Fall, organized by the NLJUG (Dutch Java User Group). I’ve submitted a proposal last night, which is a slightly modified version of our ApacheCon EU talk. Let’s just wait and see if it gets selected. Speaking at a dutch conference will be a completely new experience for us.</p>

In the beginning of November there is also the ApacheCon US in Atlanta. Unfortunately Jasha and I were too late with sending in our proposal, but Arjé and Ate will be speaking at the US edition this year. Let's see if we can use our talk, which we'll be preparing for the GT, at the ApacheCon US next year.