Cocoon GT 2007 update

Posted by Jeroen Reijn on September 19, 2007 - 1 min. read

It seems the Cocoon GetTogether 2007 program is available at the Cocoon GT website. I knew Jasha was going to submit a proposal and it seems it has been accepted. “Create your website in 5 minutes with the Cocoon Project Wizard”. I’ve seen Jasha doing his magic a couple of times and this is something really worth seeing. It gives you a head start when starting out an Apache Cocoon project. I would say: Show us what you got Jasha!

It was a complete surprise to see another familiar name in the program list. One of my other colleagues, Martijn Vos, apparently had submitted a proposal and it seems his talk has also been accepted! I’ve not been able to meet up with Martijn yet, since I’ve been more out, then inside the Hippo office, but I’m very curious about “Use more Java!”.

But those are not the only talks. There are more interesting talks like: “Break my site: Practical Stress Testing and Tuning of Cocoon Applications” by Jeremy Quinn and “Hands on Cocoon” by Francesco Chicchiriccò and so many more. Just go and check out the full program at the Cocoon GT website!

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