Title Venue Year  
Test Driven Documentation for your REST(ful) service DevCon 2018 Slides, Video
Hoe releasen minder pijnlijk werd bij ANWB Alarmcentrale DevCon 2017 Slides, Video (Dutch)
Continuous Delivery in a Content centric world Hippo.Connect Amsterdam, Boston 2015 Slides, Video
Hippo CMS Integration Patterns Hippo GetTogether 2014 Slides, Video
Real-time visitor analysis with Couchbase and Elastichsearch NoSQL Matters Barcelona 2013 Slides, Video
Shootout! Template engines for the JVM J-Fall 2013 Slides
Building a relevance platform with Couchbase and Elasticsearch GOTO Amsterdam 2013 Slides
Basic web application development with Apache Cocoon 2.1 ApacheCon EU 2007 Slides

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