Title Venue Year  
Accelerating Your AWS Journey: Open Source Tools for getting teams up to speed AWS Community Day NL 2023 Slides
Ten things that improve the performance of your Java based AWS Lambda functions JFall 2022 Slides, Video
What’s a Service Mesh and why do I need one? JFall 2019 Slides, Video
What a Service Mesh can do for your Microservices architecture DevCon 2019 Video
Test Driven Documentation for your REST(ful) service DevCon 2018 Slides, Video
Hoe releasen minder pijnlijk werd bij ANWB Alarmcentrale DevCon 2017 Slides, Video (Dutch)
Continuous Delivery in a Content centric world Hippo.Connect Amsterdam, Boston 2015 Slides, Video
Hippo CMS Integration Patterns Hippo GetTogether 2014 Slides, Video
Real-time visitor analysis with Couchbase and Elastichsearch NoSQL Matters Barcelona 2013 Slides, Video
Shootout! Template engines for the JVM J-Fall 2013 Slides
Building a relevance platform with Couchbase and Elasticsearch GOTO Amsterdam 2013 Slides
Basic web application development with Apache Cocoon 2.1 ApacheCon EU 2007 Slides

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