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Attended the Maven and Lucene Meetup

Since I’m not able to attend the actual ApacheCon conference days I decided to join some of the pre-conference meetups.

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Using Daemon modules with Hippo CMS 7

Recently I was working on a new Hippo CMS 7 based project, where I was in need of a repository component that could run in the background and perform some scheduled tasks. While talking to some colleagues about what I had to do, they pointed me to a build-in solution for adding repository components, which are initiated at startup. It was actually very simple to implement this feature, so I’ll try to describe how you can achieve the same solution in some very small steps.

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This week: ApacheCon Europe 2009

This week is ApacheCon Europe week. I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend any sessions during the actual conference, but I am going to attend some of the meetup sessions on Monday and Tuesday evening.For those of you that are attending the conference, I can say that the program looks really promising and has a lot to offer.If you’re attending the ApacheCon on Thursday, be sure to check out Niels’s talk on “Documentation: get it right!”

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Using Apache Commons FileUpload

I’m currently working on a project that required me to upload some files from a JSP driven web application. A quick Google search brought me to Apache Commons FileUpload. It’s a very useful library, that if used correctly makes you’re life a lot easier.

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Watch out! Hippo ECM is coming!

The past 3 months have been crazy. You might already have read it somewhere on the world wide web, but if you haven't, we're very close too a first official release of our new ECM product.

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