Cloud Solution Architect at Luminis. Previously Lead Solution Architect at Hippo (CMS) before they were acquired by Bloomreach.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands I always had a passion for computers and technology. Since then I’ve moved to Hoofddorp a small town close to Amsterdam where I live together with my wife and two kids.

In 2003 I started my ‘real’ professional career as a software engineer at Hippo Webworks, which later became Hippo (CMS). Over the years I performed several roles at Hippo. I’ve acted as a consultant, trainer, software engineer and solution architect. Since 2012 I worked as the Lead Architect within Hippo’s international Professional Services department.

Having seen Hippo grow from 7 to about 110 people and being a very well established product company, with a spot on all major WCM Quadrants, I noticed I was up for a change.

This led to the decision to leave Hippo in February of 2016 and join the team at recently founded Luminis Amsterdam office. At Luminis I currently work as a Cloud Solution Architect.

If you want to learn more about my professional career do check out my work history on LinkedIn.

At work, but also at home I have a huge passion for what I do and I’m always learning and experimenting with new stuff. My main area of expertise lies in backend systems in Java, but I’m also very comfortable with front-end development, in particular with AngularJS and React.

During my period at Hippo I got involved with Open Source software and open source communities at the Apache Software Foundation. Since then I’m a strong believer in open source software and sharing code and knowledge with others. Because of this I try to share as much as I can and you can find my personal open source work on GitHub.

About this site

This URL has been my online home for many years, most of the times as a blog. Today it’s a bit of an outlet for my development-related ramblings.

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