Hippos on a plane

Posted by Jeroen Reijn on September 21, 2007 - 1 min. read

Hippo is an international company, so working overseas is one of the fun parts of our jobs. This Tuesday for instance I went to the UK together with Wouter for a meeting at a customer. I always love traveling (except if there are any delays of course).

Hippo plus passport The past couple of months I’ve been working on several different projects in different cities in and outside of Netherlands. That’s when I came up with the idea to show you guys where my work brings me, so I packed my tiny digital camera to bring along on this trip I took for my company. To do it in Hippo style I brought a tiny Hippo along as well, which we ordered a while ago for the ApacheCon EU 2007. Unfortunately the Hippos came in too late and we were stuck with a couple of hundred Hippos, but I’m happy too see that all our customers love the tiny little creatures.

This tuesday it was a bit rainy here in the Netherlands so I was a bit disappointed that I could not take so many outside photos, but here is one from the plane while flying above the UK.
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