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Posted by Jeroen Reijn on January 22, 2013 - 3 min. read

Hippo CMS has a rapid growing community, so we want to see our community well organized and connected. With this post I would like to remind you about the available channels to communicate with each other (and the Hippo team) to get information, resolve problems and share experiences.


I guess the most popular channel is Twitter. You can read up on all the latest news regarding Hippo CMS while following the @onehippo account. We use this for official announcements, news about Hippo as a company and many other things. For feedback, plugin announcements and other interesting Hippo news please make use of the #hippocms hash tag or mention @onehippo in your tweet and we will retweet your post to the rest of the community!


The Hippo CMS Facebook page contains a lot of community driven content. It’s main use is for building up the Hippo timeline and fun (like all the submissions for the Hippo’s in the wild competition). Even though the competition ended at the end of 2012 don’t hesitate to send us your photos of the lovely orange Hippo giveaways.

Google Plus

Since last month there is also a Hippo CMS Community on Google Plus. This is mainly a communication channel for spreading news, information about Hippo and for bringing together all the Hippo users that use Google Plus as their ‘social network’.


The Hippo CMS user group on LinkedIn with over 241 members is probably the most concentrated group of Hippo minded people out there. The group on LinkedIn is used for different purposes like, discussions, jobs, projects, etc. If you’re not yet connected to the user group please do!

Hippo Community Forum

Currently the best resource for getting (technical) feedback or asking questions is probably the Hippo Community Forum.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is becoming the site to find all your development answers these days. If you want to ask questions on Stack Overflow about Hippo CMS, be sure to ask the question with the tag ‘hippocms’. By doing so you can get answers by other Stack Overflow users and members of the Hippo team.


A community initiative recently started (thanks to Yassine Elassad) to also have a self-help IRC channel available on freenode. The channel can be found at: irc://

You can find community members and some Hippo developers being present in this channel.

The Hippo blog

Our official Hippo CMS blog is the main place where we post about Hippo CMS and Content management in general. You will be able to get a heads up on insights, upcoming releases and tips & tricks.

If you reached all the way the the end of this post you will see that Hippo is present on different channels.

We hope to see and meet you in any or all of them!

Let’s stay connected!

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