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Japanese and Java resource bundles

At Hippo we have a project, which is build with Java Server Faces, for which I occasionally do some maintenance. A while ago I had an issue in our JIRA bug tracker that reported an error for the Japanese version of the website. The error came from a component that reads information from a resource bundle properties file, which is stored on the local filesystem. In this case from the Japanese version of the resource bundle (, which is used by the web application to display some Japanese labels.

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JCR: Sorting on child node properties

A JCR repository, like Apache Jackrabbit (basis for Hippo CMS 7’s content repository), mainly consists of nodes and properties. As described in the JCR specification, a Java Content Repository should support 2 different query syntaxes: XPath and SQL. Once you get the hang of the syntax, performing a search on a JCR repository is quite easy, but today I came into a situation where I was not able perform the query I wanted. In this post I’ll try to describe what my problem was and how the same result can still be achieved.

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Mozilla lightning in Ubuntu Jaunty

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope(9.04). After reinstalling Thunderbird (my favorite mail client), I was unable to see my Google calendars with Thunderbirds Lightning extension.

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Eclipse plugins

I’ve been using Eclipse as my main IDE the past couple of years. Eclipse by itself is great for Java development, but you can do so much more with it then just that. One of the biggest advantages I think Eclipse has, is that there are so many plugins available for it.

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Apache Camel: open source integration framework

I’m currently working on a project where we are looking at creating an integration layer for external applications to connect to our back-end applications. In our case, one of the back-end applications is Hippo CMS 7’s repository. I’ve been reading up on ESB’s like Apache ServiceMix and Synapse, but even though both projects look very interesting, they actually are a bit too much for what I want to do. There was one project though that seems to be exactly what I want: Apache Camel.

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