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Hippo CMS on

Hippo CMS is getting a lot of attention in the Netherlands and around Europe these days, but of course our goal is to make it a world-wide well known product. The only way to achieve that is by promoting it a bit more then letting the product promote itself.

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Combining Cocoon and Solr

It’s been quiet here this month. I’ve been extremely busy (what else is new) with finishing up old and starting up new projects. One of the exciting new things is that I’ve been asked to help out with a new project that embraces the power of Cocoon (hurrah!).

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Looking back at the ApacheCon EU 2007

Last week I had to finish up some work just before being able to leave for the ApacheCon EU 2007. I wanted to go there on Wednesday, to see Stefano’s No-Nonsense Introduction to “semantic web” Technologies and some Lucene talks, but I got held up until late in the afternoon.

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It's official

It’s official now. Saturday morning I got an email from the ASF that said my account had been created.

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Busy times

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I’ve been all over the place and today I can finally find some time to start with our ApacheCon presentation. Last week I’ve been visiting some Hippo friends in the UK. I always love to visit London, because it’s such a great place. Especially the soho district, where their office is located, is full of these small foodshops and restaurants. It’s really nice and I should really take some vacation and go there for a couple of days and see all the nice things around town.

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