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Looking back at the ApacheCon EU 2007

Last week I had to finish up some work just before being able to leave for the ApacheCon EU 2007. I wanted to go there on Wednesday, to see Stefano’s No-Nonsense Introduction to “semantic web” Technologies and some Lucene talks, but I got held up until late in the afternoon.

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It's official

It’s official now. Saturday morning I got an email from the ASF that said my account had been created.

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Busy times

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I’ve been all over the place and today I can finally find some time to start with our ApacheCon presentation. Last week I’ve been visiting some Hippo friends in the UK. I always love to visit London, because it’s such a great place. Especially the soho district, where their office is located, is full of these small foodshops and restaurants. It’s really nice and I should really take some vacation and go there for a couple of days and see all the nice things around town.

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A pleasant surprise

Coming back from a vacation always means you’ll have to catch up on all your e-mail. Thank god for spam-filters, otherwise I would have gone nuts on all the e-mails. While reading up on my mail, I was pleasantly surprised by this e-mail on the Cocoon developers list. Thanks Andrew! I was totally not expecting this and even Arjé was astonished how speechless I was about it for the rest of the day.

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Back from Barcelona

Well I’m back in the office again and my first workday is already behind me. Last friday Soraya and I came back from a 5-day trip to Barcelona, Spain. I must say I was pretty impressed by this beautiful city. It has so many amazing facets! Finally today I found some time to write a bit about it, because I would recommend a trip to this wonderful city to anyone.

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