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Busy times

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I’ve been all over the place and today I can finally find some time to start with our ApacheCon presentation. Last week I’ve been visiting some Hippo friends in the UK. I always love to visit London, because it’s such a great place. Especially the soho district, where their office is located, is full of these small foodshops and restaurants. It’s really nice and I should really take some vacation and go there for a couple of days and see all the nice things around town.

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A pleasant surprise

Coming back from a vacation always means you’ll have to catch up on all your e-mail. Thank god for spam-filters, otherwise I would have gone nuts on all the e-mails. While reading up on my mail, I was pleasantly surprised by this e-mail on the Cocoon developers list. Thanks Andrew! I was totally not expecting this and even Arjé was astonished how speechless I was about it for the rest of the day.

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Back from Barcelona

Well I’m back in the office again and my first workday is already behind me. Last friday Soraya and I came back from a 5-day trip to Barcelona, Spain. I must say I was pretty impressed by this beautiful city. It has so many amazing facets! Finally today I found some time to write a bit about it, because I would recommend a trip to this wonderful city to anyone.

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ApacheCon EU 2007

Well it seems the word is out and our ApacheCon talk has been accepted! We were waiting for a confirmation before spreading the word, but the schedule seems to be final now.

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ApacheCon Europe 2007 proposal

The ApacheCon EU 2007 is coming up and the deadline for proposals ended last night. I’ve seen several ApacheCon proposals come by over the past weeks and was thinking together was Jasha that we had to do something ourselves this year. We’ve both worked on a lot of projects build with Apache Cocoon for a couple of years now and know most of the pains when starting with Cocoon, so we decided to submit a proposal ourselves: “Basic web application development with Apache Cocoon”.

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