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Using Apache Commons FileUpload

I’m currently working on a project that required me to upload some files from a JSP driven web application. A quick Google search brought me to Apache Commons FileUpload. It’s a very useful library, that if used correctly makes you’re life a lot easier.

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Watch out! Hippo ECM is coming!

The past 3 months have been crazy. You might already have read it somewhere on the world wide web, but if you haven't, we're very close too a first official release of our new ECM product.

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Lightning 0.9 and Thunderbird

After doing a clean install of Ubuntu Intrepid last night (which went quite smooth as expected), almost everything kept working, except the combination of Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning. I’ve been using this combination for a while now, since I was looking for a good replacement for my calendar software. I think it’s a killer combination with the Google Calendar functionality.

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5 years at Hippo and 5 years of open source

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, because I wasn’t really sure what to write about my past 5 years. So much has happened and there is so much to mention, but that would mean this would be a longggggg post. I’ll just create a (short) summary of my entire story for now.

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The Hippo Site Toolkit (HST)

Blogging has not been one of my priorities these past couple of months as you might have noticed. I’ve been so busy at the Hippo office and at customers, that I was unable to find some decent time to start a new blog post.

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