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Test-Driven Documentation for your RESTful service

Three weeks ago I presented at Luminis Devcon 2018 about the challanges of designing and documenting REST APIs. The reason I gave this presentation was that about 8 months ago I started on a new project for which my team had to develop a public facing REST API. Having a good documentation for such an API is very important, since users will read the docs and have an opinion about the usage and correctness of such an API. During my presentation I went into the lifecycle of an API and how to maintain the documentation in such a way that it’s always in sync with the actual API, since these can easily drift apart.

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Looking back at 2017

I’ve been trying to make this a tradition, but last year I had too much going on in my personal life, which resulted in skipping my ‘year in review’ post. 2016 was really hectic, but everything seems to be back on track now. To shed some light on what happened professionally let’s take a very quick run through 2016.

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Running Cucumber from the command-line

Recently I’ve been spending some time with Cucumber and joined the cucumber gitter channel when somebody pointed out that they were having trouble running Cucumber from the command line. I usually run Cucumber from Maven, so I thought it would be interesting to see what was required to run cucumber from the command-line.

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Fixing the long startup time of my Java application running on macOS Sierra

At my current project, we’re developing an application based on Spring Boot. During my normal development cycle, I always start the application from within IntelliJ by means of a run configuration that deploys the application to a local Tomcat container.  Spring boot applications can run perfectly fine with an embedded container, but since we deploy the application within a Tomcat container in our acceptance and production environments, I always stick to the same deployment manner on my local machine.

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How I stay up to date as a software engineer

I’ve been reading this recent thread on Hacker News with interest. Over the last couple of years (even before being a parent) I gave this a lot of thought and have been asked about how I stay up to date as a software engineer by co-workers quite often. As a software engineer it’s important to keep learning and with learning, I don’t just mean working with a new technology like Docker or React, but also learning about the concepts behind these technologies and what problems they are trying to solve.

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