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The mystery of the Bootstrap application

In my day to day job I’m a Java coder working on a MacBook Pro running OS X (Mountain Lion) and recently one thing started to really annoy me. While performing an Apache Maven build cycle occasionally an application pops up in my OS X dock and while browsing the web or composing an e-mail the focus is lost and moves to the just started application. In my case these applications are most of the time called Bootstrap or ForkedBooter.

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Real-time visitor analysis with Couchbase, Elasticsearch and Kibana

At Hippo we recently started using Couchbase as the storage solution for our targeting/relevance module. Couchbase is a really high performant NoSQL database, which since version 2.0 can be used as a (JSON) document database. Couchbase is really fast when it comes to simple CRUD operations, but does lack some search capabilities like Geo-spatial search (still ‘experimental’ mode) and free text search, which you might find in other document oriented NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

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Hippo Fridays @ Hippo

At Hippo we have a concept we call ‘Hippo Fridays’. Hippo Fridays are monthly Fridays on which all Hippo developers can share knowledge, try out new things, work on improvements or hack on their own pet project. We’ve been having Hippo Fridays for more then a year and even if it’s only one day a month, they are always great fun!

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Get involved with the Hippo CMS Community!

Hippo CMS has a rapid growing community, so we want to see our community well organized and connected. With this post I would like to remind you about the available channels to communicate with each other (and the Hippo team) to get information, resolve problems and share experiences.

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dotJS: a 'not' so JS conference?

Last Friday I traveled to the wonderful city of Paris together with some Hippo colleagues for the dotJS conference. It was going to be my first tech conference in France and I was really excited. dotJS is a new conference and promoted itself as: “The largest JavaScript conference in France”, which raised my expectations. The list of speakers looked promising with for instance Jeremy Ashkenas (creator of Backbone.js) and Jacob Thornton (one of the creators of Twitters Bootstrap). It was a two day conference of which I only attended the first day (second day were workshops). The rest of this post will be about how I experienced the conference.

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