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Introducing the Hippo CMS Groovy add-on

A while back I was playing around on some pet project with Groovy. For those of you that are not familiar with Groovy: Groovy is a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine. In other words you can write Groovy (scripts) and keep writing without having to recompile / deploy. Groovy can integrate with any framework or library out there, so I tried it on Hippo CMS as well.

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Make your date range queries in Jackrabbit go faster!

As you might know Hippo CMS uses Apache Jackrabbit as the core for it’s content repository. One of Jackrabbits features is ‘search’ and the execution of most queries are delegated to Apache Lucene. If you want to keep the queries as fast as possible you sometimes have to analyze how your repository is behaving with the content in your project.

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Get in control with Spring Insight!

Ever wondered what your application was doing? Why that specific page was so slow? I’ve asked myself this question numerous times and always had to change some log level or attach a profiler to get actual feedback on what was going on inside my application.

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Replacing the MacBookPro mid 2009 HDD part 2

As you might have read in my previous upgrade post I initially wanted to upgrade my MacBookPro5,4 mid 2009 model with an SSD. Since my initial search for a compatible SSD I’ve read tons of articles on the web describing this same issue, but without a solid answer. It’s been quite a challenge to figure out what to do and I almost gave up on the idea of being able to use an SSD until I found the this excellent blogpost by David Leach.

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Getting started with MongoDB and Spring Data

Last month I finally found some time to play around with a NoSQL database. Getting hands on experience with a NoSQL database has been on my list for quite some time, but due to busy times at work I was unable to find the energy to get things going.

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