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Happy New Year

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! As you might have noticed another year has past and 2007 is already here.Lots of great things happened last year and many more good things are planned for 2007.

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5 things you don't know about me

I got tagged by Arje the other day, so here goes:

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Batik and markers

Yesterday I stumbled upon another hidden feature of Batik, when I noticed that the Visio diagrams didn’t show their arrowheads in the generated jpeg. It seems this is caused by an inappropriate markerWidth/Height and viewbox. According to the SVG specification you need to make sure the marker does not overflow it’s viewport.

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Batik and imagemaps

Last week I was working on a project that translates svg to jpeg. Creating jpeg’s from svg is pretty easy with the Apache Batik SVG toolkit. But the customer needed to be able to link from the svg files to another location, so I had to create html imagemaps from the hyperlinks created from within the svg.

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CocoonGT: The week after

It has been a week since the CocoonGT2006. Time really flies, but now it’s time for a quick flashback of all the things that happened during those days.

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